Welcome to the TROVA Business Network™. We are dedicated to small business growth and success. The word "TROVA" means, "FIND" in Italian. The TROVA Business Network™ was created to help small business professionals "find" much-needed resources, referrals, leads, business connections, and expertise within their community.

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Our Vision is to provide a sharing environment that results in great businesses, great friendships and great lives for our members

TROVA Business Network™ provides results that show up as greater profits, greater success, and a more fulfilling life.

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TROVA Business Network is a great business networking environment, and I look forward to the professional think-tank input! In as little as a couple of hours per month I can powerfully and effectively market my business. I feel TROVA Business Network is extremely beneficial. I have been a member less than a year, and our business has grown as a result of the connections! I feel fortunate to be a part of such a diverse, unique group of professionals!

~ Carrie White, CBEW Professional Group ~

3-pronged marekting strategy
  • Business Networking, one of the 3-pronged marketing strategy

    Starting a small business is tough. Staying in business is even tougher. But the toughest part of succeeding in business is keeping the extremely important marketing and advertising costs down, while keeping the numbers of the much-needed referrals, leads and business connections up.


  • Think-Tank, Second element of 3-Pronged marketing Strategy

    Our Professional Think Tank enables TROVA Business members to strengthen and fortify their businesses by combining the best of traditional referral and lead models with a professional masterminding think-thank that meets once a month, that focuses the experience, insights, talents and education of its chapter's professional members to benefit each member's business.


  • 24/7 Online Advertising, third element of 3-Pronged Marketing Strategy

    1. Optimized PLATINUM Mini-Site ;
    2. Customizable Profile;
    3. Video Uploads;
    4. Photo Albums;
    5. Build your links;
    6. Be showcased as a "Featured Business Member" on the official TROVA Business Networking website;