Business Networking, one of the 3-pronged marketing strategy by Trova Business Network

Many have asked us, "How is TROVA Business Network™ different from other networking organizations? TROVA Business Network™ is a professional business networking organization dedicated to the growth and success of small business professionals, and service providers. The word TROVA means, “find” in Italian. The TROVA Business Network™ was created to help small business professionals “find”, and benefit from, much-needed resources, referrals, leads, business connections, and expertise within their community.

Starting a small business is tough. Staying in business is even tougher. But the toughest part of succeeding in business is keeping the extremely important marketing and advertising costs down, while keeping the numbers of the much-needed referrals, leads and business connections up. At TROVA Business Networking and Professional Think Tank we realize the most cost-effective way for small business professionals to “find” what they need to succeed is to utilize the TROVA Business Network’s 3-Pronged Marketing Strategy of combining business networking to help market and advertise their businesses, a Professional Think Tank to allow members to brainstorm and mastermind with a diverse group of professionals in their community to solve problems, get impartial advice and stimulate creativity, and online business advertising to improve their chances of being found on the Internet.

Most small business owners, managers and sales representatives realize that marketing and advertising are critical components to growing their businesses. At TROVA Business Network™ we combine the power of professional networking, with a Professional Think Tank mastermind and brainstorming component. Most small businesses need more than referrals. They need expert answers and honest feedback in helping them evaluate important business decisions. Many minds are better than one, so the TROVA Business Network™ utilizes the experience, knowledge and creativity of all of its members for the benefit of each of its members. Add optimized, online advertising and you create a powerful marketing and advertising combination that cannot be beat, especially at the ridiculously low price of membership.

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