Qustions and Answers about Trova Business Network, the membership
TROVA Business Networking group helps small business professionals "find what they need to succeed" and "get found" on the Internet, with the TROVA Business Directory and the TROVA Women Business Directory.

FAQs for membership

How much does it cost to join a TROVA Business Networking Chapter?

New members pay $75 one-time membership processing fee to begin and then $30 a month networking dues, or a member can pay $360* (US) up front and save themselves the $75 one-time membership processing fee.

When are my dues required to be paid?

Your $75 one-time processing fee (or if you are going to pay the upfront membership of $360 you will save the $75 membership processing fee) must be paid before you become an official member. Monthly dues are paid as monthly automatic drafts. Remember, you can pay upfront and save money ($75) and receive additional benefits.

What if my category is filled?

Since TROVA Business Network™ only accepts one representative of any profession, it is not unusual to find your category filled. There are two options: you can ask another chapter or you can become a leader and start a new chapter. In either case, call or email TROVA Business Networking. We'll do all we can to help you find or start a new chapter.

What makes the TROVA Business Network™ different than other networking or referral groups?

The TROVA Business Network™ is not JUST a business networking, referral group, The TROVA Business Network is built on our unique 3-Pronged Marketing Strategy that combines the power of business networking, a professional think-tank, and optimized online advertising for each of its members, at a ridiculously low price.

One of the two meetings a month, members and their guests do meet to network. Business professionals and service providers receive a full 2 minutes to showcase their businesses, products and services.  However, what makes the TROVA Business Network™ stand out from other professional business networking groups is that the second of the two meetings a month, members gather to mastermind, brainstorm and utilize each other’s knowledge, expertise and creativity to benefit all the members of the Chapter.

Many executives and CEO’s pay $1,000 upfront and $1,000 a month for a masterminding think-tank opportunity like this. TROVA Business Network™ creates this same expert creative, brainstorming environment for our members for just pennies a day.

In addition to the business networking and professional think-tank, TROVA Business Network™ offers its members online optimized mini-website ads on TROVA Business Directory to aid them in getting found on the Internet.

What can I expect the TROVA Business Network™ to do for me?

You can expect the TROVA Business Network™ to provide the structure, guidance and effectiveness of the TROVA Business 3-Pronged Marketing and Networking program. You can expect your Chapter leaders to train you to improve your presentation skills and your fellow members to encourage, inspire and aid you in your businesses growth. You can expect all the necessary materials to be provided in your monthly attendance dues. You can expect to be a ‘featured business member’ on your leader’s TROVA Success Club location page (valued at $240 a year) on the TROVA Business Network™ website with links directly to your website(s).

In addition, you can expect a first-class Platinum online business ad to help you increase your Internet exposure and rankings on search engines, on the beautiful and intuitive premium business directory www.TROVABusinessDirectory.com (a value of $360, at no additional cost to you).

You can expect to be trained in social media, and the newest networking and chapter building techniques to help you enhance your business. You can expect your category to be protected. And you can expect our full time staff in our corporate office to assist you when you need it.

Can anyone join a chapter?

We are industry-specific, which means we only take one person per professional specialty. So if you are a residential real estate person and we already have one, we can refer you to another chapter, or allow you to open another chapter.  Of course, if you are a commercial real estate person, you could be eligible to join this chapter.

What does the TROVA Business Network™ expect of me?

The TROVA Business Network™ expects you to attend a minimum of 8 out of the 12 networking meetings, and 8 out of the 12 think-tank, mastermind meetings. It is impossible to build relationships if you don’t attend, and you are wasting a great opportunity if you don’t invite the very highest quality of small business owners to join as allies in building success. 

TROVA Business Network™ expects you to invite quality business professional guests to help your chapter develop into a powerful and extraordinary resource for all of its members, and expects YOU to make your best efforts toward sharing referrals that are mutually beneficial.

TROVA Business Network™ expects you to be an ethical, contributing, experienced professional. TROVA Business Networking expects you to help all your members to be successful and they are expected to do the same for you.

Are members supposed to bring visitors?

Definitely! You're expected to bring the highest quality of professional visitors for those occupations that are open within your group. TROVA Business Members are responsible for the high caliber of the professional members that join their chapter. If you want an extremely strong, effective and fun chapter, build it by inviting extremely strong, bright and eligible professionals as your guests.

How soon will I see financial reward?

The TROVA Business Network™ offers immediate financial benefits to its members. Each member receives many benefits, one of the most valuable being an online business AD in the www.TrovaBusinessDirectory.com. That online business advertisement by itself is equal to a member's yearly investment, so you actually end up networking and enjoying the executive brain-storming, masterminding meetings for FREE. You will be receiving $1,195.00 worth of extremely valuable benefits, the minute you become a member.

Without question, the TROVA Business Network™ is not only the best networking and marketing tool that exists; it definitely is the least expensive, best-value as well.

How soon will I see referrals impacting my bottom line?

It takes time to earn the trust of your chapter members, to develop your networking skills, and to learn to promote yourself and your business with ease.  If you want to build long-standing business relationships that will earn you qualified referrals for years to come, then TROVA Business Network™ recommends you ask yourself this question “How soon will I share referrals that impact other’s bottom lines?” When you benefit the lives of others, they will want to benefit your life in return.

How do I know TROVA Business Networking will work for me?

Without question the TROVA Business Network™ will work for you, but in order to achieve your maximum results, YOU must be willing to work your TROVA Business Network. Just follow the program. Networking works for thousands of business professionals each week.

To be successful in the TROVA Business Network™ - or in any endeavor - requires you genuinely connect with others, give your very best, follow through, conduct yourself as a true professional, persevere and understand that you must give before you receive. There is much to be said about "All for one and one for all!"

Why shouldn't I just join my Chamber of Commerce?

You should. TROVA Business Network™ believes that you should be a member of both your Chamber and TROVA Business Networking. Your Chamber of Commerce is good for your business and your community. The difference between a Chamber and your TROVA Business Networking Chapter is number one: exclusivity. You "own" your category when you join TROVA Business Network™ and your competition is excluded from your chapter. Chambers, by their very nature, cannot exist without being inclusive. The second thing that makes TROVA Business Network™ so unique is that we offer an invaluable resource to small business professionals in our think-tank, masterminding meetings. Many executives and business professionals pay $1,000 a month to be a part of a mastermind, think-tank. At TROVA Business Network™ it is included in your membership, along with your ‘featured business member’ listing on the www.TROVABusinessNetwork.com chapter location page with links directly to your website (valued at $240.00) AND the amazing www.TROVABusinessDirectory.com Platinum mini-website online advertising (valued at $360.00)

What really makes TROVA Business Networking work?

You do. The membership. TROVA Business Network™ teaches you how to network smarter. TROVA Business Network™ gives you the structure and support you need to grow, and there is real power in building community relationships. Rather than just you out there selling on your own, with TROVA Business Networking you have a sales force of professional business people bringing you qualified leads. Remember, referrals are made based on trust and solid relationships. That's why it is important to attend meetings and build those relationships so your chapter will get to know you, just as you'll get to know them.

How many meetings must I attend before I can join?

Each guest is allowed to attend two consecutive meetings before their application can be accepted. Keep in mind that not all applicants will be accepted.

How many votes are required for acceptance into the Chapter?

It depends on the Chapter's size.  Chapters contain fewer than thirty members, so a minimum of three "NO" votes can permit the Chapter to deny membership.

What occupations or businesses benefit most from networking and masterminding?

It is not the business or occupation that matters here, it is the individual. The occupation can be anything. If you're focused and you have a dream and you're willing to make a sacrifice, you are the person who will benefit from this group.

My profession does not let me directly solicit business. Is the TROVA Business Network™ still right for me?

The TROVA Business Network’s™ primary objective is to assist its members in ways to improve their business and to educate them concerning how they can effectively network.  Business people get business when their expertise is known and others reach a comfort level with them. The TROVA Business Network™ provides a forum that allows members to meet other business peers who need to know effective and efficient business people.

Why is the TBN the best and most cost effective way to market my business?

One of our biggest expenses in running a business is marketing and advertising, but most small businesses do not have very large advertising and marketing budgets, if they have one at all.  Radio, newspaper ads, networking memberships, chamber events, trade shows etc. can cost you a fortune!

You can easily spend anywhere from $500 to $1500 to join other groups and associations with very little to show for your investment. That is why we created the 3-Pronged Marketing Strategy of the TROVA Business Network™. Not only does it provide you the perfect networking opportunity, allows you to brainstorm and mastermind each month with intelligent, successful professionals, but It allows you to powerfully, intelligently and intimately publicize your business, not only face-to-face, within your community, but online with your www.TROVABusinessDirectory.com optimized mini-website that helps you get “found” when people are searching to find what they need on the internet.

Do the ethical rules for certain professions prohibit participation in TBN?

The TROVA Business Network™ understands the importance of the ethical concerns governing certain professions and acknowledges that rules can differ by location.  As such, The TROVA Business Network™ therefore requires its members to uphold the rules of its profession so as not to violate the professional’s ethical obligations.  (In the event that The TROVA Business Network’s™ general rules could potentially violate a professional’s ethical code, The TROVA Business Network’s™ rules are superseded by the dictates of the professional’s ethics’ code.  Significantly, a primary objective of The TROVA Business Network’s™ is to educate its membership in ways to market and grow business.  It is The TROVA Business Network’s™  intent to ensure that this is permitted.)

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How TBN is Different?
Member Benefits
  • Industry-specificity. (Each group can only accept one member per industry)
  • Develop deep and meaningful personal and professional relationships.Substantially increase leads and referrals.
  • Increase Internet exposure through the TROVA Business Network website with valuable links directly to your website.