TBN Member Benefits
membership guidelines
When you are networking your business, it is important to have your industry exclusively represented. You want the members of your business networking group to think of YOU when it comes to your products, or services.

TBN Member Guidelines

  1. 1. Membership is exclusive, one person per business category per club
  2. 2. Members are committed to helping their TROVA Business Network Chapter grow in any way that is beneficial to all members of the TROVA Business Networking Chapter, including inviting quality guests to attend the business networking meetings each month.
  3. 3. Because TROVA Business Network invests a great deal of time, in increasing each member’s ability to be found on the Internet, members are required to set up their TROVA mini-website Advertising pages responsibly on the TROVA Business Directory website considering important key words that are relevant to them, as well as, they are required to fill out their professional information, add pictures and marketing or informative videos. All members, once their TROVA Business Directory listing is approved, must send their TROVA URL to their TROVA Chapter leaders in order to get their featured business listing on their Chapter's page on the TROVA Business Network website.
  4. 4. Members must be committed to sharing referrals and business resources to aid their fellow small business and service professionals in their marketing and sales efforts, and they are required to follow up with referrals given to them in a timely and professional manner.
  5. 5. A TROVA Business Network Member may be put on probation or their membership forfeited for failure to adhere to Guidelines & Procedures and/or TROVA Business Code of Ethics.
  6. 6. A member is not to solicit or recruit their TROVA Business Success Club  members into becoming distributors or associates in any multi-level (or other) business endeavor during regular meetings. Any unwanted solicitation of this kind may be cause for termination of membership.  Outside of the regular club meeting, a member may inform another member about the income opportunity available with their business, as long as it is not an unwanted or pressured solicitation.  During the networking meeting professionals should share the benefits of their products and services, not business opportunities.
  7. 7. Attendance:
    1. a. If a member misses more than four networking meetings of the 12 per year, or if they miss more than four professional think-tank and mastermind meetings of the 12 per year, Chapter leaders and members may vote to revoke their membership without refund. A member may send a substitute in their place and not be considered absent. A substitute cannot replace a member on a regular basis. Members who regularly arrive late or leave early during the meeting may have their membership put on probation or forfeited.  (On those rare occasions where room are not donated: Members are obligated for their Chapter’s "Room Fee" each meeting and if absent, they must bring it current.)
    2. b. When a member has difficulty attending meetings on a regular basis, the Chapter leaders will council with the member to try and find a solution to the problem. If poor attendance continues, the member’s industry classification is subject to being replaced.
    3. c. Leave of absence: A member may request a leave of absence for up to a eight week period, due to medical, military, family, or job related reasons (such as international travel etc.). However each case will be considered, approved or disapproved by the Success Chapter leader on an individual basis. Substitutes are recommended.
    4. d. Tardiness is considered unprofessional, disruptive and impolite. Multiple tardies may be considered as an absence.
  8. 8. TROVA Business Network™ member lists are not to be used for solicitation purposes, without the consent of the member.  Any email campaign MUST have an opt-out feature.  Do not spam your fellow members or their guests. Connect with them and create real relationships, instead.
  9. 9. Transfers:  Transferring members must submit their request to their TROVA Business Network™ Director/Leader for approval along with a new member application for the club that they wish to transfer to, and a letter of explanation. Only a Director/Leader can approve transfers. Transferring is discouraged but sometimes necessary.
  10. 10. Change of Industry Classification: A member who wishes to change industry or classification within a club must submit a new member application to the membership team requesting the change. The membership may approve or disapprove the change.
  11. 11. Visitors may attend a Club twice. Thereafter, only if an active application is in process.
  12. 12. New Member Applications:
    1. a. New members will fill out their applications online on the TROVA Business Network™ website.
    2. b. Applications are forwarded to the TROVA Business Chapter leader who should, within 24 hrs, send out an email to the club membership asking for feedback, good or bad, on the potential member.
    3. c. It is a member’s responsibility to voice a concern about an applicant BEFORE the applicant is approved for membership. If there are no concerns, the Chapter leader will assume that the applicant is acceptable.
    4. d. When a concern is voiced in regard to an application, the Chapter leader should treat that concern discreetly and professionally. They should investigate all concerns in a fair and professional manner before any decisions are made.
    5. e. Application process should be completed within a week and applicant notified.
  13. 13. Conflict and/or Problems:
    1. a. In the event of a problem or conflict, the member should voice their concern in writing and forward it, preferably by email to the Director/Leader, who will try to resolve it in a timely and professional manner.
    2. b. In cases relating to a member’s business practices or involving a violation of rules or policies, or if for any reason the member has become a detriment to their Success club, the management of the TROVA Business Network™, at their sole discretion, may put the member on probation or terminate the membership.  All membership dues are non-refundable.
  14. 14. After one year, a member is to give a 30-day written notice when wishing to discontinue membership. Otherwise, their TROVA Business Network™ membership and industry-exclusive spot will be automatically secured for the next year.  All membership processing fees and dues are non-refundable.

All Guidelines and Policies are subject to change. All proposed changes must be reviewed and accepted by the TROVA Business Network™.

It is the policy of the TROVA Business Network™ to treat all members and non-members alike in a fair and ethical manner.  Belonging to a TROVA Business Network™ is an opportunity and a privilege, therefore we hold ourselves accountable to these guidelines and policies in order to maintain a standard of high professionalism.

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The unique concept created by TROVA Business Network includes:

  • One monthly Business Networking meeting that offers a full 2 minutes to share about your business.
  • One monthly professional "Think TANK" meeting to provide a confidential, and confidence building, environment for each business networking member that results in better business, stronger marketing, powerful business solutions, lasting friendships and great lives for our members.
  • A "high tech" business marketing approach and provides each member with 24/7 online advertising using an optimized mini-website on the TROVA Business Directory and TROVA Women Business Directory that can greatly enhance a small business professional's exposure on the Internet.