what is "Think TANK"?
TROVA Business Networking group offers a brainstorming, masterminding, professional think tank where small business professionals can exchange ideas, share insights and benefit from one another's business experience.
Professional Think Tank, one of the 3-Pronge Marketing Strategy from TBN

Professional / Executive Think - TANK

The TROVA Business Network is the first business networking organization to offer its members access to a Professional Think-Tank component. The TROVA Professional Think Tank is a powerful and innovative addition to  the TROVA Business Networking 3-pronged marketing strategy. The Professional Think-Tank is unique because it is an incredible small business resource that is not offered through any other business networking organization.

Our Professional Think Tank enables TROVA Business members to strengthen and fortify their businesses by combining the best of traditional referral and lead models with a professional masterminding think-thank that meets once a month, that focuses the experience, insights, talents and education of its chapter's professional members to benefit each member's business.

Many CEOs and Executives pay $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 a month to be a part of a brain trust, or professional think-tank. That price is much too expensive for most small business owners to even consider. However, becoming a member of the TROVA Business Network is the perfect way to take part in business networking that is imperative to your success, while you also get to participate in a dynamic member's only Professional Think-Tank that brings the knowledge, experience and creativity of all it’s members to each member’s business needs at an extremely affordable price.

The TROVA Business Network was designed to provide members with an opportunity to create solid, lasting relationships, foster personal and professional alliances, create a powerful business network, and be strengthened and nurtured in an environment that supports and honors who they are and what they do. Success is certainly about money, but more important than the money is the meaning in our lives, and The TROVA Business Network is an environment dedicated to increasing both money and meaning in your life.

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What is "Think TANK?"
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