Perry & Vanessa Pack
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  • Perry & Vanessa Pack

Ayden Rae Foundation Founder and CEO Vanessa Pack

Vanessa Pack
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With a lifelong dream of being an educator, Vanessa was well along the path towards realizing her goal having completed an Associate of Arts in Natural Science, Associate of Science in Social Science, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, and over two thirds complete in her Master of Education, Adult Educators and Administrators.

Close to the culmination of the education required to reach her goal of a teaching career geared towards K-12 ,Vanessa realized a difficult decision was required. She asked herself, “Do I continue on with my dream of being a teacher, or focus on saving mothers and babies by helping to discover a cause and cure for Hyperemesis Gravidarum?”

Vanessa had been a volunteer fund raiser for the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation [HER] and she realized that there were limited options available when fund raising as a volunteer. The Packs decided the best option was to create their own foundation; one that would support all organizations that were seeking to discover a cause and cure for HG. The Packs held the first ever Hyperemesis Gravidarum walk October 20, 2007; A Walk to Remember; HG Walk America, raising awareness in the community and gaining much needed support for those who suffer from this disorder. Donating the proceeds of the walk to the HER foundation, Vanessa continues with the completion of her Masters (2012), and the Ayden Rae Foundation was born.

With the creation of the Ayden Rae Foundation, Vanessa and Perry are able to focus their efforts to bring awareness about Hyperemesis Gravidarum through education and support. The Pack’s have set a challenging goal to raise $2.5 million dollars by June 12, 2013 with that funding to be used for research to save the lives of Hyperemesis Gravidarum mothers and their babies.


Ayden Rae Foundation Founder and CFO Perry Pack

Perry Pack
Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Ayden Rae Foundation founder and Chief Financial Officer Perry Pack is a father, husband, and Hyperemesis Gravidarum advocate. Before he and Vanessa married she explained to him that she had ‘complicated’ pregnancies. Perry could have never imagined what exactly complicated meant!

“Until you are staring Hyperemesis Gravidarum in the eye, living it, there is no way to explain or even prepare for it. I was on the sidelines watching my wife and unborn baby die in our home. Feeling like my  hands were handcuffed behind my back, I might as well have been in prison. I felt powerless and wished I could have somehow taken her place.

Surviving HG with my wife was the turning point in my life. Surviving HG without Ayden Rae has been a difficult experience, one I’d keep other fathers from having.”

Since 1993 Perry has worked as a Northrop Grumman civilian contractor for the DOD based at Ft. Irwin, the US Army’s premier National Training Center [NTC]. As a master mechanic focused on the operational performance and repair of the Army’s HMMWV and MRAP vehicles, Perry, currently working towards a Master of Science in Project Management, is leveraging his professional experience and knowledge to provide a sound operational base for The Ayden Rae Foundation. He and his wife are looking forward to supporting families with this affliction until there is a cause and cure for HG.