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There is one "Professional Think-TANK", brainstorming and masterminding meeting which uses the knowledge, experience and creativity of every member of the group for the benefit of each TROVA member, and their business.
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  • Dhea Bartlett

As a business owner and entreprenuer for the past 13 years Dhea understands the importance of ones network and the relationships within these networks.

Dhea is a mother of 3 teens, she started her life as a school teacher lived and taught in Australia and Singapore however once her husband and her started a family teaching was no longer an option. Infact full time paid employment was not an option. Whilst having her 3 children Dhea furthered her studies, this time in Business Marketing as she was naturally drawn to the importance of marketing in ones business.

Dhea fell into direct selling when her children were 2, 4 & 6 and enjoyed successfully building a team and developing fulltime income around her fulltime family life. Dhea understood the importance of networking... the importance of not only who you personally know but who the people you surround yourself know. Dhea attributes her success in this profession in her ability to network and connect people, she undertands the importance of staying top of mind to both clients and networks.

Dhea successfully runs a HeartLink Network since September 2012 whilst attending many networking events in any given month. Dhea is a Senior Manager with SendOutCards and supports many businesses from the one person show to the big car dealerships to implement appreciation marketing systems. She also supports an ever growing international team and understands the struggles many business owners have from starting up to growing and expanding. During Dhea's entire business history she has always understood the importance of professional and personal development,  and has undertaken many personal development seminars and is continually reading and learning.

Dhea welcomes you to her TROVA group should you wish to join in.